Multiple Surgeries ("two or more in one")

In this case two or more areas of the body or face are corrected in the same surgery. For instance, abdomen surgery with breasts or of eyelid, nose, and double chin liposuction. The advantages of these associations are obvious. A single anesthesia is required and a single recuperative period is needed, besides considerable reduction of cost. Today about 60% of the plastic surgeries accomplished in Brazil are multiple ones.

Before After
caso1antes caso1depois
 Patient 19, with pronounced sagging breasts and gloubosity abdominal lipodystrophy. Postoperative 2 years mamopexia associated with liposuction. 
caso2antes caso2depois
 Preoperatively. Postoperative 2 years, with restoration of body contour. 
caso2antes caso2depois
 Preoperatively in the same patient.  Postoperative 2 years.
caso2antes caso2depois
Before After
Patriciafrente1 Patriciafrente3
Patient 35, with hypomastia and abdominal lipodystrophy. Postoperative 1-year breast augmentation associated with liposuction.
Patriciaobliqua1 Patriciaobliqua4
Preoperative abdominal showing gloubosity. Postoperative 1 year.
Patricialado1 Patricialado2
Preoperative the same patient. Postoperative 1 year.

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