Non-Surgical Procedures

Chemical Peeling

These are procedures that aim at the renewal of the superficial layer of the skin, mainly for reason of its aging. They are also suitable in cases of stains of several origins, above all those caused by the sun; acne and its scars; etc.For this treatment, we use several products, such as: glycolic a...

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Facial, body and genital harmonization

These procedures can be considered minimally invasive and are accomplished with injection of biomaterials and do not require cutting or surgery. There is no need for hospitalization because these procedures are done in a doctor clinic using local anesthetic and active participation by the patient th...

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Botox (Correction of wrinkles)

Botox injections seek to treat the wrinkles through the paralysis of the muscles, mainly in the areas of the forehead and around the eyes (crow's feet). In spite of its transitory nature (with duration around of 6 months), this technique provides a facial rejuvenation that is fast and notable. It is...

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