The inclease of longevity and the importance of the quality of life

The golden years should be considered the "Happy Age" because it is the time when one reaps the benefits of all that was planted in a life well lived. The essential condition for that is that the seniors stay integrated with the society, always adapting to the changes.

In other words, the maintenance of the physical, mental, and social faculties implies abandonment of certain prejudices against age, sex, clothing etc. The senior is a person as any other one and the only limitation is imposed by the condition of one's health. In some ways, it is due to self-imposed limitations of inherited cultural values of the past. One should enjoy life to the maximum that is possible. Trips, walks, sexual and loving life all this should be done, as long as the person is healthy.

And it is not just that. To maintain the head working is also a wise decision. In short, activities that include leisure, a balanced diet and periodic physical exercises, are of fundamental importance, because they help to maintain the physical and psychic integrity.

Beauty and rejuvenation, in all its fullness, are privileges that all are entitled to in any age. Therefore, it is time to change old concepts and to enjoy the right of having a younger appearance, a beautiful face and a proportional body. While improving the aesthetics, plastic surgery maintains lit the fire of life, of happiness and maintains the balance between body and mind.


José Lauro Fonseca

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